Repl subdomain hijack/misrouted (?)

The URI is:
This is at the moment of this post displaying bare plaintext rather than html5 output:
“The bot is online.”

The Repl itself is offline.

Regardless of whether the actual repl is online (and successfully operating via its web interface(s), albeit inaccessible via external connection to the subdomains) or offline this incorrect server is responding via the subdomain.

Searching via grep for “The bot”, none of the source files in the repl appear to contain this text. The original repl from which the code was derived I believe did contain that string and was expected to respond as the server responding on the subdomain does.

… and now, as I’m typing this post the subdomain has begun to function again as it should. Not sure if it’s worthwhile at all to post this anymore but I am still curious what could lead to a malfunction like this.

Did you previously have a repl with the same name which gave this output? When you delete repls, they continue to run for a while.

Also, when you rename a repl, the old url will still function as if you hadn’t renamed it.

This isn’t a continuous issue, it was just an unusual symptom I’ve never seen before while using replit.

Not to my knowledge, no. When I was checking around to try to identify the source of the problem I did access the CLUI, within “Trash” the content is:

title description language date
rando_b no description nodejs 9/14/2021
discord.js starter no description nodejs 9/14/2021
DesertedOfficialOperatingenvironment no description nodejs 9/14/2021
rando-1 discord bot nodejs 9/14/2021
rando no description nodejs 8/19/2021
rando no description nodejs 8/19/2021

So the “heinous” account does indeed have other deleted/inactive projects with the same name which were deleted in the past.

I also observed an exception in the log (yesterday 24h+) I’d never seen about a failure to communicate with the replit database, although I’ve assumed that’s either unrelated or another symptom of the same underlying networking issue.

Perhaps it was a system update or such and the routing was out-of-sync for a very short period when I happened to check in on it.