Repl stuck in "loading nix environment loop", not loading

Issue: Repl stuck in “loading nix environment” loop, not loading.

Expecting: to access my repl and edit python and txt files, but currently stuck in loading loop.

Steps to reproduce: Simply click my link to see bug.

Bug appears at this link:

Screenshot(s)/Screen Recording:

Browser/OS/Device: Chrome on Windows 11 Laptop

Replit Profile:

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i am facing the same propblem

If this problem appears, there is a few possibility why it happens, including:

  1. You have a slow internet connection
  2. Replit server is dying
  3. Your project code is too massive
  4. There is a problem in your nix environment, probably because you changed replit.nix or stuff, or installed some bugged bash program through shell commands

How could this be fixed?

Please link the repl in future. PythonBITGoogle
Files ⋮ > Show hidden files, remove line 4 from replit.nix. Did you put that there on purpose, or is this a bug? I see people with invalid lines like this quite often.


Thanks a lot Umar! I followed your advise and it is now fixed, you rock! I am building a proof of concept for an app to connect google drive leveraging Python, took some code from chatGPT, and this was the result.

How were you able to debug and identify that? Any tool or advise? Thanks again.

El El sáb, 20 de mayo de 2023 a la(s) 15:16, Umar Sharief via Replit Ask <> escribió:

the last line of the error that kept spamming refers to replit.nix:4. That’s usually the only useful line in nix errors

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please link a minimal repl which reproduces the issue

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