Repl still running even after I've killed it?

Problem description:
So I have a repl set up with a skype bot (python, skpy), the bot reacts to some command with !command. Today I noticed that when using a command, the bot would reply twice.

I stopped the repl, used kill in shell, but the bot is still running. If I use a command the bot still replies.

The repl is private and secrets are stored/used appropriately. Nobody should have access to the code, and even if they did they wouldnt have access to the secrets to use the skype bot.

I can only surmise that replit is somehow running another instance of my repl which I dont seem to have access to.

I can only imagine that running kill 1 has somehow created another instance of your repl but forgot to kill your previous one and is therefore running it.

Can you kill it through, any command outside repl? If yes, then I think that might help but Iā€™m not much fond of shell otherwise.

Is this still happening for you? If so, please send me the link to your repl so I can take a look.

Seems to have corrected itself. I left the repl off for a few hours and the other instance seems to have stopped on its own.

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