Repl : soft self-brick

another one of my repl just got stuck in a reboot loop for a short time , upon reloading the page it went total “loading” mode. it later booted up but had a nixos error with some dependency. why does it become unresponsive like this? i had to like wait for a few hours before it could finish all this and come back to it’s normal state. why don’t replit just provide additional logs if some kind of error like this occurs or why not fix this unresponsive behaviour?

here it goes again. everytime i search “btn btn-tag” , it goes reconnecting and ends up with a nixos error

Try creating a new repl and moving the code to it. Seems like an issue with the repl you are using.

Could you provide the error message?
Also, could you provide a link to your repl?

Perhaps code search takes so much resources that your repl runs out of memory?