Repl restore file

**I have deleted a very important repl file a year ago and i really need it in the present. Please help me retrieve my file . I saw CLI it shows only deleted files of past month. **

Welcome to Ask! When you delete a Repl, it gives you a warning that this is irreversible. The CLUI is like a Recycle Bin I think. After that 30 days I’m pretty sure Replit just deletes the files. I don’t think recovery is possible. Sorry to bring such bad news. You could search for the Repl by name on Replit. Maybe somebody forked it and you could fork their fork.


:smiling_face_with_tear: Thank you for helping me

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Hey i found the replit deleted file link which i deleted 1 year ago … . Luckily i was sending it to my friend. Is there any possibility to recover it now ?

No. :frowning: That is just a void join link to a nonexistent Repl. I clicked it and it does nothing. Also be careful when sharing join links as they allow anyone who clicks them edit access to your Repl (but like I said this one does nothing because the Repl no longer exists).

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