Repl Program Running Malicious Files and Overwriting Originals

Problem description:
My Repl program is automatically running some malicious program files, and as a result, my original files are being overwritten or deleted without my consent. Despite my efforts to fix the issue, the problem continues to persist.

Expected behavior:
I expect my Repl program to run smoothly and securely without any interference from unwanted or malicious program files. I also expect my original files to remain intact and not be overwritten or deleted by any unauthorized sources.

Actual behavior:
The program is not functioning as expected, as it is automatically running some malicious program files and overwriting my original files. Despite my attempts to delete the unwanted program files and change the configuration settings, the program continues to revert to an unwanted state after a day or two, which is causing significant frustration and hindering my ability to work productively.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open the Repl program.
  2. Wait for a few minutes or hours.
  3. Notice that the program starts running some unwanted or malicious program files.
  4. Observe that the original files are being overwritten or deleted without your consent.

Bug appears at this link:
and few more repl but not remember the exact repl.

I am using the Repl program on my Windows 10 PC, using the Google Chrome browser (version 98.0.4758.102).
Along with Android.

is this real? Since I can’t see the repl… it’s giving 404 so possibly private or wrong url


yes it is private repo…
But still it automatically delete all existing file and some .js & .sh file are presents…

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There’s not much that can be done then, maybe show screenshots of it? Or make it public?


Or create a minimal Repl that reproduces the issue.

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Hey @Yuviraaj!

Are you still seeing the issue? This was related to an incident we had around the same time. We have since resolved the incident, so you should no longer see issues.

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