Repl process died unexpectedly exit status 2

Whenever my code runs, the console only says
“No such file:
repl process died unexpectedly: exit status 2”
and doesn’t output anything.

Is there a way to fix this? Thanks.

please send the link

can you rename that file or whatever file you wanna run

otherwise you can do this:

  1. click ...
  2. show hidden files
  3. go to .replit
  4. edit the run="..." line to run="python3"
  5. edit the entrypoint="..." line to entrypoint=""
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What does that do? Does that make it run all of my files regardless of what I name them?

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Also, wouldn’t that force me to name all of my files the same, so what’s the point of naming them in the first place?

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no… you just name the one if you wanna run it

Oh, I see. Thank you

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No. It makes the file that will be run when you press Run

Like BMB said, you only need to name the file that you want to run (or if you changed the .replit file.

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