Repl not loading at all

This repl started loading extremely slowly about a week ago and completely stopped loading for me today. My server is also constantly showing logs saying it’s receiving traffic even though I just have one tab open…

Hey @LuisAFK welcome to the forums

Can you please provide a link to the cover page of the repl?

Thanks @CodingCactus , @LuisAFK this replit appears to be working fine for me. Can you test again and let us know if it is still running slowly?

Yes, it runs fine now. I haven’t changed any of the server code though, it just loads now…

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It’s doing it again.

I was coding it and all of a sudden, the logs start to go crazy and it’s like my game is getting DoS’ed (the reason I think this is because my game has been hacked a few times already)

Hi @LuisAFK I’ve just tested the repl and it seems to be working fine for me. No noticeable slowdown at all.

Hey @LuisAFK

I’m noticed this last year in my computer lab with some students. The issue would persist across multiple browsers on the same machine. At times my own machine could pull them up without issue, others it could not. I wasn’t sure if it was something with our district’s network settings or something else.

I had reached out to support and they told me that, when it happens to do the following and report back:

Thanks for sharing the Repl URLs! One more thing that will help us is to generate an HAR report so we can analyze the network calls at a far more granular level. Below I’ve shared how to capture them from Firefox and Chrome.



Maybe @IanAtReplit has more to add?

Thanks for sharing this @ND-McDowell I’ve never experienced this with my classes (but I realise I’m maybe lucky here). I was thinking it was some sort of filter glitch too.

Thanks for sharing the videos to capture the network calls. That will be very useful for others in the future who experience similar issues.