repl may have violated the terms of service

Bug description:
I can`t open my repl, it stands that it may have violated the terms of service.
I created a Spambot for Gmail. But only because I study computer science and we have It Security at my university. There we have to do a presentation and i chose Security of Email. I talk about spam, phishing and hoax and what one can do to prevent being scammed etc. But because this is not enough i talked with my prof and he said i could build a spambot wich sends spam to an email adress and show how it works. I did it, and created 2 email adresses. One for getting the spam and one for sending it. The thing is now, that i cant show it and the presentation is tomorrow. I never intended to do smth with it other than the presentation. In the code are the 2 adresses given, the one is ***** and the other ist *****. I can delete it directly after the presentation, but I really need it for tomorrow.

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Maybe you can try to fork it and use the forked version? Alternatively, you can use other similar projects on Replit.

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thx, but it worked again. I can open the repl since this morning, so I had no more problems with it. Presentation went well. Still deleted it tho, gotta make sure that nothing more happens :smiley: