Repl keeps running automatically

My repl is not always on, and still keeps running automatically.
A webserver is calling the repl url, but still I don’t want it to start automatically.

HTTP requests will start a Repl even if it has stopped. To prevent this from happening, close the Webview tab and any open browser tabs accessing the Repl and then stop it.

That’s unfortunate, there should be a setting to stop that. Its a telegram bot so it gets requests from telegram and stripe webhooks, but its a dev environment so sometimes I want to stop it even if the webhooks are called.

Not really sure whether this will work:

Go to the .replit file and remove the contents of the run = "<stuff>"
Just leave it blank: run = ""
When you want to use the repl, then put the stuff back in the run line

That is a reasonable solution, but the Repl might throw a “Run isn’t configured” error. I usually set the run command to “echo e” and it keeps the repl from running.

Alternatively, you can force the Repl to stop from the Status manager.

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