teams invite link doesn't work

Problem description:
When a student clicks on the invite link, even when logged in, they are asked to login again.
After they had logged in, they are taken to the team profile, but they haven’t joined the team

Expected behavior:
If the student is already logged in, they should not be asked to logged in again.
When the student logs in again, or was already logged in, they should join the team

Actual behavior:
Students does not join the team

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Copy the invite link
  2. Open a new different browser program to simulate a different user (if was using Chrome, then use Firefox)
  3. Log into under a different account
  4. Paste the link into the browser address bar
  5. Will be asked to login again
  6. Will be taken to the team’s profile page, but the user is not in the team

Bug appears at this link:

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I’ve been having this happen for weeks now as well. I also cannot share to Google Classroom which I think may be linked to the same error.

Sometimes the links work sometimes they don’t.

Hey there,

I couldn’t reproduce this: here’s me attempting here:

You may not have published the Repl before sharing the link.