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So this all worked well all till the last update and now I have gotten many issues. I have been using uptimerobot to keep my replit on but now it just closes after a hour I guess, what do I do?

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Hey @kicksboy111 welcome to the forums!

Uptimers don’t work for bots anymore. To keep them on with 99.9% uptime you will have to deploy with Reserved VM deployments. I hope this helps!


it cant work with static or the other deployment option?

also uh its not a bot, its just a whitelist system that I use for my system

@kicksboy111 oh, is it a website then? If not then you wont be able to deploy. You could move the program over to a website and you can deploy it as an Autoscale Deployment.

Welcome to the community @kicksboy111, Your problem might be that Replit’s changing and they haven’t fixed all the bugs they made from changing. I say give some time off of Replit and wait until they fix everything.