Repl it’s web view is doing instead of

Yes every project is doing this

I had to manually change it to for the site to work but on Replit its being

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@47d Thanks for trying our suggestions so far.
At this point, since your Repls work fine for us, the issue might be environmental. I have some troubleshooting steps here in another thread:

Some of these steps are included in our official documentation which you are welcome to review as well:

If you’re able to deduce where the issue is in your environment, we’d be interested in hearing the solution.


same thing happened to me when playing aroundworking on a repl owned by qwerty… can confirm:


but I, myself, am not experiencing it… o-O

@python660 Does it route to for you as well? I have only seen a couple reports of that including OP.

Technically if it routed to, we still redirect to the appropriate place. So it’s that /null that is messing things up here (which could be caused by any number of things including environmental).

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I usually got this when pressing New Tab before the Webview had fully loaded.

It doesn’t load to /null for me, but my school blocks so thats how i noticed

I think it’s only on ios safari, as I get this same exact bug. (not the part, the loading part)

That also happened to me in the same repl as python660. It works fine (with at home, but at school, where both and are blocked, I consistently get the url

None of those work it might be an issue through the mobile replit website.

@47d I tested your Repls on mobile and didn’t see any issues so I don’t believe it’s a mobile-specific issue.


I have reproduced this bug before. It uses the format with the domain, and with /null (even when opened in a new tab).


This bug also seems to be there sometimes, and depends on the device.

Some days later new tab url uses, but webwiew doesn’t work good. It worked well for a few minutes, but then everything stopped working again.

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