REPL: It Just Hit Me

There’s really no place else for this one, and I tried to find a place on my profile to put something pithy, but failed.
If it’s not apropos here, please accept my apologies and delete it.
Preface - I don’t actually watch the videos, so this may have been covered there. I prefer to read the lesson info, then spend an hour on Google. Such was the case today.
Halfway through Day 51 of 100 (Auto-saving / eval function), digging around to understand eval and…
:: POOF!!! ::
I get it.

Got a problem?
Need a code-based solution??



This is better than Wolowitz saying, “One of us… one of us…” on Big Bang theory!
I mean, I don’t even care if my assessment is incorrect, it’s STILL funny!

I hope I don’t get into trouble with the Lisp community for blowing their cover.
OMG, there’s SO MUCH to learn, and, as Ronald would say, “I’m LOVIN’ it!”

Dratsa B Gums
PS - If there IS a place on my profile to write something, like an ‘about myself’ section, please let me know and I’ll put the above there. I looked and may simply have not seen it. :slight_smile:

For your about me section, you can

Your account icon → guy icon → anything(preferences for 1 less step)

Click the gear(preference)(can skip if you clicked preference in last step) → profile → About me

Remember to save after editing :slight_smile:


Wait I don’t get it? REPL IT? How does that fit in with 100DoC?


I don’t know if this was a joke made in 100 days of code, but REPL is an acronym: Read, Eval, Print, Loop. This describes almost all programs as they must read some input, eval uate it somehow, then print the output and repeat (loop). The it extension may have just been because Replit is related to IT or because the domain was cheap, somehow the name and extension merged into one word so they moved to :man_shrugging:.


I’m going with “Hey, the domain is cheap AND it’s kind of an inside joke!” :slight_smile:

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NateDhaliwal - The only thing it has to do with 100 DoC is that day 51 introduces the eval function and, in researching eval, I stumbled onto what MattDESTROYER spelled out.
In this case, to ‘REPL’ something is to “Read Evaluate Print Loop” that something. To REPL it. Replit!
Go to Wikipedia and look for " Read–eval–print loop", you should land where I landed. It’s nicely informative!


Thanks! It took some doing for me, but thanks to you I was able to locate that and can now put this info into it. And, yes, always have to remember to save… I’m SO bad at that! :slight_smile:


Pretty sure one founder told another "just REPL it!" in conversation.