cycles custom bug

Problem description:
If you keep saying about 100000000 cycles it says error 500

Expected behavior:
To let it work

Actual behavior:
It not working

Steps to reproduce:
Fix it

Bug appears at this link:
Cycles page


I am on iPad safariHow to find out?

Hey @MyScratchedAcc! Welcome to the community!

First off, that is an absurdly huge amount of cycles, costing $1,000,000 (which, unsurpisingly, would be great for Replit). But in a real-world scenario, this would be highly unlikely and would be considered as impossible to happen.

If you want to know the reason why its throwing an Error 500 (which, FYI, stands for Internal Error), it is because of one of two reasons:

  1. There is some security measure put in place to prevent a high purchase of cycles.
  2. Replit’s server is unable to process and handle such a huge amount, throwing an error to indicate such an inability.

Hope this helps!


Marked as soulition and thanks