Account Deleted Mysteriously

Hello, I have found out today that my account has been deleted, how can I restore it? It had years of stuff that I now have to redo. My cycles are also gone now.
I just tried to sign in with GitHub/Google and it created another account. Please help restore.

Welcome to the community, @Awsomegameplay1!

Unfortunately, it looks like your account was hacked and got deleted.

Since your account is quite old, the Replit staff may still have your Repls from a backup, try to contact them and see if they can help you.


Oh, that sounds like a reasonable explanation. I although am questioning how they signed in because you can only sign in through github/Google. My Google and Github are protected by security keys and authentication.

Thank you, I will see soon.

@Awsomegameplay1 you do not have to login through those, you can also just enter the username and password.

As it’s only connected through Google and GitHub, it will not let me sign in using username and password

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If you have received an email from Google or Github that you have been signed in from a location or device you don’t recognise, someone probably hacked over your account.

Immediately change your password for all your accounts (if they use the same password) as they can still do find your other accounts and login to them.

Shifting our focus to Replit though, I don’t think there is any way to get back your stuff back yourself. You will need to contact the Replit staff for help.

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I did not receive an email from an unknown location. Anyways my accounts are locked locked so I wonder how they would login. I have not clicked on any links.

I have contacted support by doing

That’s weird. Only thing you can do is to wait for them to reply back.

Weird thing is that, when I created a support ticket, I don’t know wether I created it cause there’s no automated message sent by

Hey, I’m gonna reach out via DMs


Alright, Thank you cause I am so worried about losing all my stuff.

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