Repl isn't loading

Basically… I imported a folder from my PC itself. It had 2,920 files, I meant to import a folder in that folder … is there a way I can access the repl and delete that folder? It won’t load in the slightest now (preview below)

Did you try kill1 or deleting the repl ?

Can I get the repl URL?

It might not load because repls have a set amount of CPU, RAM, and storage and your folder might be too large to load. Did you check how large the folder is? Anything above (or very close to) 1024 megabytes is too big. I’ve never uploaded anything that maxes out storage so I don’t know what happens if you do. Also, ~3 thousand files might take FOREVER to load, so if it doesn’t go past storage, Replit is taking a bunch of time to load. My recommendation is just to wait it out until it loads (will definitely take a bunch of time) and download the important files of your project and upload the files in a new repl. Also, I wanted to mention: how do you have a folder with 3k files??

I find it hard to believe it would have successful uploaded all those files, so I suspect the sheer amount simply crashed the Repl. You could try deleting it and restoring it, otherwise, you might want to try to recover any code from the cover page by pressing Show code and copying it into a new repl.


I simply can’t delete the repl. It runs the express app I’m fetching data from, with a game at about 6,000 players. It would cause many issues.


I suggest using a texture packer to cramp all your textures into a few different spritesheets so that Replit is able to load them in.

Is there a way I can do this now… I can’t access anything in the repl.

You don’t have to use the files from the Repl, you can get the files from your PC and directly upload into the packer.

Oh but the issue is alot of my code is on repl. I just needed to import something to add-on to it.

Don’t you have the assets in your PC?