Repl isnt loading and wont even open

Repl isn’t loading,
I can’t open it at all. The shell doesnt open either.

My website says this now: “We ran into an internal error. The repl didn’t wake up in time. Please try again in 30 seconds.”

Here is the link for staff, its private:

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I’m pretty sure it has been fixed by now.

Nope still can’t open it. Just says “working”

Can you try forking it?

ran in this same issue
forking the repl works

cant figure out the issue with the original repl prolly a bug as Nate said

Forking it works fine! However, things like my database are completely gone and also any project that uses my API wont be able too anymore

rename the repl to your old repls name
and rename ur old repl marked with [old] or smth like that

i did the same with mine

Yes this makes the system work, but the issue is that my replit database is gone.

It’s not too difficult to put back the data, right? It should all be in the code of your program, no?

No, the database is completely user Data and history. It’s things I can’t just makeup haha

not sure how replit db works but there might be some way to connect the old db

Hmm… I have used Replit DB to make a save and load game with user data. Is this what you mean?

It’s more complex user data for my website, user inputted things, account information, balances, etc.

Nothing that to my knowledge I can get back again if I am unable to get the old data.

Is there a way to request a staff member to take a look at it to see what’s going on behind the scenes?

You can prolly connect with them through the discord server
as far as the issue is concerned a discord member told me it might be because of nix

Gotcha, I tried sending a message in the replit-help channel a while back. Am I missing something to directly get in contact with a staff member?

I have contacted a staff member.

Any updates?

Worse case, if a staff member could delete the router.js file that could fix it since it will just error and stop running. Not sure if it’s a problem with my code or if it’s an issue with Replit.

Ask is the official help forum, generally Ask is probably the best place to contact the staff, if you make a post, they’ll see it here. :smile:

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Hi @Crispyyy thanks for your message.

I’ve asked someone from the Replit team if they can take a look at it. Unfortunately I cannot offer any advice as the Repl is private.

Sorry for any inconvenience!