Repl is running but suddenly I get "Run this Repl to see the results here"

I’ve had a repl running a website ( for over a year, yesterday it stopped but the code is stilll running. No custom domain just the default. I’ve stopped and restarted it many times, I still get ‘run this repl to see the results here’ screen. I didn’t change the code since this was working. Anyone have any insight into this?


Hm. that’s weird. I forked it to test. The test works fine. Try forking your project if you are able to. Maybe kill 1 in console? Please report back with your results.

If you’ve linked a custom domain with your broken repl, you will have to unlink the repl and relink with the new fork if you are going to do that.


Thanks for the reply. I forked it, and the fork worked at first, but when I clicked on ‘about’ and the other links at the head of the html page, it gave me the same ‘Run this repl’ error message. I also tried ‘kill 1’ just now, it reset the program, but the error persists.

And, I don’t use a custom domain, so at least that isn’t an issue.

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Here is a screenshot. This is so bizarre.


This happened to all of my old projects. Did it work when you opened your site in a new tab?

You can also try clicking the name of your project in the top left, clicking “Cover Page” and try running it there.


What if you tried making a project out of the Python template and then copying over all of the files and scripts?

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The problem still happens when I open the site on a new tab or on another device.

Around 40 minutes ago, the problem went away. I did not change anything to cause this - it just started working again.

Then around 10 minutes ago it came back. The Repl is definitely running! But it just says ‘run this Repl to see results.’

Thanks for the ‘Cover Page’ tip. I tried that just now, same results though.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by ‘making a project’ - is that the same basic idea as forking the project? If so, I did try that.


Hey there!
Can you open your website in a new tab, and hold down CTRL while pressing rhe reload button. DO NOT let go of the CTRL key until reloading is COMPLETE.


It works right now, both the cover page and the actual website.


I’ve moved this to Bug Reports as this seems to be an intermittant but recurring issue. @ShaneAtReplit are you able to take a look please?


Ok, thanks everyone for your advice, the situation is improving. I realized when I forked it the first time, it was a bad test because I changed the name and the hard links took me back to the broken version. I’ve now made a new fork with the original name and it is mostly up again.

I made a bash script to log if the main page goes down or up, and last night it went down twice for two periods:

07-30-2023 20:10:15 - Website is DOWN
07-30-2023 20:20:55 - Website is UP
07-31-2023 00:40:55 - Website is DOWN
07-31-2023 01:03:31 - Website is UP

So, that’s’ still not good, but things have improved. It would be helpful to find the cause.


if your website is still experiencing the same problem, try copying all the code and making a new repl, and paste it there. there was a day a couple months ago when the replit html hosting went down. that could be a reason why.