Repl is not loading. just says: booting repl

Problem description:
my repl project is not loading. It only says: Booting repl. I waited like 15 mins…

Expected behavior:
repl should open

Actual behavior:
it is just loading

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

firefox / Ubuntu 22.04

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Same for me, also the page is not loading

Same for me as well. I really need this to be fixed soon.

@finnishdev, @Infiniti20, @MarianCN, check this out:
Replit is currently facing problems and they are trying to fix it.
Also, please make sure you check for any other similar posts, because the reply/answer you are looking for will probably be there.

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We currently have an ongoing incident in which Repls are taking longer to load.

See the Status Page for more information.


You guys can try entering kill 1 into the Shell, or fork this repl and see if the forked version works.


We can’t type in shell when repl is booting

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Can you try forking the repl?