Repl Flask API running but not accessible

Bug description:
I have built a flask api that runs( it shows in the console that it is running) but it seems that nothing can access the API because even repl’s “Webview” is not displaying the home route. Instead, the url has a looping icon and says that the page is loading.

It was working fine until about an hour ago when I started to create and store a large number of image files in the repl. Somewhere during this the API stopped working. I’m not sure if it’s random or the influx of files into the repl caused something to happen. I’ve since deleted all the files but nothing seems to resolve the error.

Expected vs Current Behavior:
Expected: Webview should show the home route as defined.

Current: Shows a looping icon and states that the page is loading

Hi @DariusRamnath !
Can you try opening the website in a New Tab and see if that works?

It didn’t work when I tried it yesterday. I checked today and the API is accessible now so, not sure what happened in the interim, but it works - thanks for your response!

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