Repl files not showing in editor, but operating correctly in webview

Problem description: In my project, all of my php files state that they do not exist. However, when running the project and opening webview, the projects works as expected. I need to download these files and I cannot find them.

**Expected behavior:**The files show and operate as usual.

**Actual behavior:**The files do not display and act as though the do not exist in editor.

**Steps to reproduce:**I have no steps as I have no idea how this happened.

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device: I am using Edge Browser on a Windows 11 laptop.

EDIT: Faulty Link, go to

Can you please send a screenshot of the sidebar?

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Have you tried putting this into your browser address bar (when logged in as Thehappysquid on Replit)?

That should download all your code.

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