Repl fails to boot

I have a repl failing to boot: LPSolve - Nix (beta) Repl - Replit
Maybe that is because it depends on an unusual nix package, lp_solve
How can I repair it? I would at least like to zip-download the files.

Download the compressed file.

The repl does not start properly, and I never see files in the file list. I do see the “Download as zip” option, but selecting that fails: after a few seconds, I get an “error 500” page.

try to contact replit

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Hi @mgrigni thanks for your question!

When I fork and run your Repl I see this:


If you are still getting a failure to boot error please click on Report a bug from the ? bottom left of any Repl.

That is the right output. Interesting: a fork I made 4 days ago (LPSolve2) has the same non-starting behavior. But a fork I made just now (LPSolve3) is working! So something changed, problem is solved I guess.

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Glad it’s working now @mgrigni !

If the non-starting issue … erm… starts again :smiley: then please report to Replit Support so they can investigate using the Report a bug link from the ? icon on any Repl.