Repl Error: "This Repl is really popular! Try again soon."

Observing this error: " This Repl is really popular! Try again soon." on my repl. That was working fine yesterday. It is a simple Django application. Does anyone have an idea on what could be wrong ?

Hey @ShubhiSaran

Could you please provide a link to your Repl to see what is going on?

@ShubhiSaran the page opened for me, then I tried it again but the loading took a while so I kept refreshing it, then it said ‘This Repl is Too Popular’. Are you trying to open it quickly in quick succession? Could you provide the cover page for me to look at?

Ya, that’s what is happening with me too. Do you think if I try to refresh too quickly it can be a problem ??
Not sure what you mean by cover page.

@ShubhiSaran it could be the reason.
Here is what a cover page is

You can access it by going into your repl, clicking on the title and clicking cover page.

Oh thanks! Here is the cover page

When I run it, it pops with a white screen. Are you doing anything to the screen to change it so the user can see something, or not?