Repl dying unexpectedlt

When i am running my code, it says ‘repl process died unexpectedly: signal: killed’

I don’t undestand why this is happening.

import tkinter as tk
from tkinter import messagebox as msg
import time
import random
import savedata

load_from_save = 'n'
residential = False
Comercial = False
Industrial = False

# Initialize the default root window
root = tk.Tk()

grid_list = savedata.grid_list

class Buttons(tk.Button):
    def __init__(self, row: int, column: int, window, load_from_save: str):
        self.grass_image = tk.PhotoImage(file="Grass Birds eye.png")
        self.residential_image = tk.PhotoImage(file="Residential building.png")
        super().__init__(window, command=lambda: self.clicked(row, column), image=self.grass_image, width=50, height=31)
        self.grid(row=row, column=column)
        if load_from_save.lower() == 'y':
            if (grid_list[row][column])["residential"] == True:
        self.residential = False
        grid_list[row].append({"Name": self, "row": row, "column": column, "residential":self.residential})
        print(f"{time.time():<18} - Info - Button @ row {row} and column {column} has been created")

    def clicked(self, row: int, column: int):
        if residential == True:
            print(f"{time.time():<18} - Info - Button @ row {row} and column {column} has been made residential")
            self.residential = True
            print(f"{time.time():<18} - Info - Button @ row {row} and column {column} has been clicked")

def setup_game(prev_windows):
    window = tk.Toplevel(root)  # Use Toplevel instead of Tk to create a new window
    window.title("City Build It")
    window.attributes('-fullscreen', True)
    for row in range(10):
        for column in range(20):
            button = Buttons(row, column, window, load_from_save)
    residential_btn = tk.Button(window, text="Residential zone painter on", command= lambda: residential_painter(residential_btn))
    residential_btn.grid(row=11, column=1, columnspan=4)
    save_btn = tk.Button(window, text="Save progress", command=lambda: save())
    save_btn.grid(row=12, column=1, columnspan=3)

def save():
    with open("", "w") as f:
        f.write(f"grid_list = {grid_list}")

def residential_painter(btn):
    global residential
    if residential == True:
        residential = False
        btn.config(text="Residential zone painter on")
    elif residential == False:
        residential = True
        btn.config(text="Residential zone painter off")

def load():
    global load_from_save
    load_from_save = 'y'

def title_screen():
    title = tk.Toplevel(root)  # Use Toplevel instead of Tk to create a new window
    title.title("City Build It")
    background_img = tk.PhotoImage(file="City Build It Background.png")

    background_label = tk.Label(title, image=background_img)
    background_label.pack(fill=tk.BOTH, expand=True)

    title.attributes("-fullscreen", True)

    play_btn = tk.Button(title, text="Play", command=lambda: (\
        play_btn.config(text="loading..."), \
        title.after(5000, lambda: setup_game(title)))), y=500)  # Adjust the coordinates as needed

    load_btn = tk.Button(title, text="Load", command=lambda: load()), y=530)



My usages for this repl are:

  • CPU - 48%
  • RAM - 99
  • Storage - 135

I am on the replit free plan. I have also included a link to the repl so you can test for yourself/

Try entering kill 1 into the Shell.