Repl download doesn't download (Safari)

If I pick a repl, and choose download repl, on Safari Version 16.1 (17614., 17614), Safari just shows Preparing to Download forever.

Any Safari users able to get this to work?

Hi @mprogers that’s an interesting issue!

Have you tried downloading the same Repl with other browsers just to see if the issue is only with Safari?

Safari has a lot of problems with replit for some reason

It downloads correctly with Firefox.

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Yeah, it woeks on firefox!

Thanks @mprogers

I can see that the issue is logged with Replit Support. Is is feasible to use firefox in the short term while support investigate or does this cause further issues in the classroom?

I’ve just spoken with @david.morgan who has access to the new UI and tested Safari for me. The files downloaded without issue. If you see the new UI but still cannot download the file please let me know. If you can’t see the new UI please turn on explorer mode in your Replit Account settings:

This might result in you getting access to the new UI. It is being tested at the moment before full release but if this solves your issue - BRILLIANT!

Thanks so much for looking into this, I appreciate it. I turned on explorer mode, logged out and back in – but I couldn’t tell if I was seeing the new UI, and I still had the download issue.

This doesn’t directly affect my students, but it occasionally causes issues when I am prepping for class, so it does affect them indirectly. [I can’t paste directly from to Keynote; I have to open the code in Visual Studio Code first, and then copy from there.]

No problem at all @mprogers . If you have the new UI you will see this on the left hand side of the screen:

For copying and pasting - does it paste anything at all? I usually just paste text without formatting e.g. CTRL + SHIFT + V when transferring from Replit into a Google Slides. Does this help?

Thanks for this. When I copy and paste, I get the text — but it’s centered, in a large font, and all the colors are lost. Basically the formatting is being ignored. But, as I say, if I paste it into VSC and then into Keynote, it works like a charm.

And to answer your second suggestion first … I guess I have the new UI:

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Thanks @mprogers - looks like you have the new UI.

I think you have already logged the safari issue with Replit support - thank you. I’ll edit the title of this topic to highlight that this relates to Safari in case other users have similar issues.