Repl Doesn't Load Until Tab Refresh

Problem description:
Repl does not load upon first try, but works on reload.

Expected behavior:
When I enter a repl on a new browser session, it should load the repl as normal.

Actual behavior:
Upon opening a repl for the first time on a browser session, it will load continuously, displaying “Working” as if attempting to load the UI (file selection, text editor, console, etc.) This continues indefinitely, but as soon as the page is reloaded, the UI loads almost immediately.
Afterwards, the repl runs as normal.

Steps to reproduce:
Load into a repl from the home page for the first time in a browser session.

Browser:Firefox (1), Google Chrome (2,3)
OS: Ubuntu (1), Windows 10 (2), Chrome OS (3)
Device: Desktop (1,2), Chromebook (3)
Plan: Free

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