Repl Deleted - Am I In Trouble?


My Repl was recently deleted as it was in violation with the terms of service, and I was not aware of this.

I was running tests via my Python application, but not with malicious intent.

My plan is to continue development on offline servers, but I am wondering what may happen to my Replit account? I have many other projects that I am passionate about hosted on Replit, and I do not wish to lose these.

Should I create a backup of all projects, am I at risk for losing my account as a whole, or did I lose the Repl that was in violation of terms & have nothing more to worry about?


Hello! Would you mind telling us which Repl this was? Are you able to restore the Repl by visiting and using the Trash command? :slight_smile:

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Hi - thanks for responding!

Well. I’m not really interested in restoring it, as I hadn’t really done much yet, and it can easily be replicated on an offline server.

I was just curious as to whether or not my other Repls (or my account as a whole) was in danger of being terminated due to one Repl being deleted. I do not plan on restoring the Repl as I understand a breach in terms can cause the website to face legal issues, which I would not want!


Adding on:

I would like to thank you for bringing the restore feature up though - I was not aware this was an option, and am happy to learn about yet another amazing feature at Replit.

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