Repl creation error: something went wrong, please try again or contact support

i can’t create repl for some reason, error code: something went wrong, please try again or contact support.

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Hello, I’m also having the same problem.

same here kinda puts a damper on things

Hey everyone, same here! :wave:

@lidifortunato @kevinqz @LuYin2 @madchemist90 It seems to be working fine for me.

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The bug was very recently resolved.

It isn’t. It’s just that some users are experiencing issues with creating a repl, some are experiencing issues with deploying a repl, and etc. You can view the issues here at

Staff posted that it was indeed resolved, and that it was a bug/glitch.

Here: As said by John Yerhot, replit is still investigating intermittent connectivity failures for some deployments. Yes you are correct about the repl creation error did get resolved, but there is still a deployment issue.

This topic wasn’t about the deployment issue?

Hi all. This issue should now be resolved and the status page updated accordingly:
Thanks for reporting it to us.