Repl constantly disconnecting

Problem description:
Repl constantly disconnecting

Expected behavior:
That the repl stays connected :slight_smile:

Actual behavior:
After loading the repl (brand new - setup to learn Python from my work PC) a pop-up “Reconnecting” shows up in the bottom right corner after 5-10s. Shortly after (maybe another 10s) the pop-up shows “Connected”, however a few seconds later the pop-up again changes to “Reconnecting”.

If I enter anything in the editor in the few seconds it’s connected then that remains after reconnecting, however sometimes the page has obviously already disconnected and anything new in the editor it lost.

Steps to reproduce:
Open the repl.

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome Version 112.0.5615.140 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2
I should mention that this is a work PC … and I’m working from home, so connecting to work environment via VPN. Being a work PC I have no way to change firewall or other system settings, hence why I’m using replit as I can’t install Python directly on this machine.

Replit is currently unusable for me :frowning:

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Try running kill 1 in the shell and see if it works


My best guess is the VPN is causing your internet traffic to be traveling much further than normal, causing your connection to struggle due to the extra distance. Try (if possible) to set your VPN to either somewhere in north America or to India, and then set your desired server location in your replit settings to the closer location to the VPN servers. (That being either north America, or Asia, which is in India.)

If that does not help, then I do not know what the problem is.

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Thanks for the reply.
Maybe I didn’t explain properly. The VPN is a corporate VPN, so just about providing a secure tunnel through to my work environment, intranet & files - I am not able to change any VPN settings.

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Thanks, but unfortunately that doesn’t help.

I ran kill 1 in the shell and immediately got the “Reconnecting” pop-up. After a few seconds the pop-up changed to “Connected”, but it was only 5s or so before I got the “Reconnecting” pop-up again.

And then it continues to disconnect/reconnect every 5-10s.

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An intermittent internet connection will cause your Repl to connect and reconnect constantly. Can you confirm that your internet connection remains constant?

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I might have isolated a possible cause. I can replicate a similar issue when working on my schools computer, yet not have the issue at home. This leads me to believe that the source of the issue may be some form of protection software installed onto your work pc, thus causing the performance issues. I can’t identify what exactly is causing it, maybe some form of packet scanning for viruses, Idk. Unfortunately, this more than likely means (if I’m correct) the only fix would be to use a device that does not have your company’s software on it. Hope this helps in some way.

The connection seems to be good. There’s another web app that I regularly connect to that, because of the security around it, will kick you out after the most minor disconnection or interruption so if there was a connection problem I would expect to see it there too (which I’m not).

I think you’re probably right Banesr18. Whether it’s is software that’s installed or because I’m having to go through the corporate VPN, firewalls and whatever else they might be using, it’s likely related to this being a work laptop.
I meant to try connecting over the weekend on my home PC but life got in the way. Will try to get to that later today and report back. My guess is there won’t be a problem from my personal pc.

Tried connecting on my personal laptop from home and had no issues with the same repl, so it seems it’s all related to corporate environment/hardware.

Very frustrating as the whole idea of using ReplIt was to practice coding whenever I had down time at work.