Repl console not updating to reflect code changes

Problem description:
For a couple weeks now, I have been finding that the console output does not reflect changes in my code.

Expected behavior:
When I add / edit code to repl, the console will continue show the output from a previous state of the code, not the actual code

Actual behavior:
The console output should reflect the current code

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new repl, and add a simple print statement(I’ve been using Python)
  • Run the code (the console may be correct)
  • Change the code slightly (e.g. add a different print statement)
  • Run the code again, and the console will not reflect the changes in code

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox v124.0.2 / Windows 10

Here is a screenshot in case the link starts updating

Hey @reparke!

Does it work normally if you wait for the cloud above the files bar to have a check on it before re-running your code?

Thanks @Firepup650 for responding. I just tested it again by changing the code, waiting for the cloud check, and re-running. Unfortunately the output is still incorrect.

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I checked and I have the same issue with Chrome

I can’t reproduce this personally, could you make a test Repl and invite me to it to experiment?

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Invite sent. Here’s the link

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Interesting, for me your Repl will not save at all, even though I’m waiting quite a while. Could you try changing your server location in your account settings?

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I changed the server location from North America to Mumbai, waited for the cloud save icon, modified my code, and re-ran the project. Unfortunately, the output is still not reflecting the code changes (see below)

Yeah, this weirdly happened before on a Repl I was invited to.

If it happens on new Repls, then it might be an issue with your account, because I’m able to create Repls on my own account fine without this happening.

So my advice to you would be to just create a new account. :woman_shrugging:

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Does entering kill 1 in the Shell work?

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Thanks. This started happening a few weeks ago and seems to affect all my repls sporadically.

I hope there is some other way to resolve this without making a new account since I’m a teacher and I have an archive of code for students to access. However, it’s a good suggestion that that could be my last resort.

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Oddly, kill 1 seemed to work once, but not a second time. Here’s what happens when I tried that.

  • Run code → output is NOT correct
  • Execute kill 1
  • Run code → output is correct (so kill 1 worked)
  • Run code → output is NOT correct
  • Execute kill 1
  • Run code → output is still NOT correct (so kill 1 did not work)

@reparke I can’t seem to reproduce this even on different machines, browsers, accounts, and networks. My gut tells me, especially since it’s an intermittent issue, that it’s running the code before the update request from the code finishes.

Have you tried testing other networks or devices? That might help narrow it down. Or even just creating a new account as a test (though it shouldn’t be account-specific).


I suspect that the update request never finishes, at all, and it’s somehow tied to their account:

(I ended up waiting at least ~20ish minutes for it to save, and it did not)


Yes, this is a strange one. I’ll get it reported to the team and see if there’s anything we can do to help.


The other report about this seems to further it (theoretically) being account-specific:


seems like it’s not ip if the account was made without a VPN or the such. I think it’s probably account credentials messing with the jwt. Don’t remember exactly why this would happen but it could be that his token is being heavily ratelimited due to automod

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How would that affect other users when they’re invited to the same Repl?


I didn’t read the whole thing lol. Honestly if it’s not account locked then it’s repl locked same concept but smaller scope
edit: probably honestly odn’t know since I have no access to anything or to replit’s logs haha

Thanks @SuzyAtReplit . I have tried this other devices and browsers, but the issue still persists. Also, I just remembered that I haven’t been able to upload files to my repls or to add new files to repls lately (in case that gives you some more information).

I just created a new account, and at least after a few code revisions, it seems like it is updating properly. Here is an example

I realize this is a workaround, but I’m really hoping that there is a way to fix my old account so my students easily access the code archive.

Not sure if this is relevant, but the account that is NOT working using a GitHub passkey to login which I’ve used for a couple years and worked fine until recently.

The new account that DOES work is using email/password to login.

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