Repl console interface functionality destroyed; bugs getting increasing cursed

Actual behavior:
I have been experiencing some rather strange glitches and bugs involving the console, such as newlines not appearing, any and all characters showing up as spaces until I type a certain number of characters at which point they all show up normally and the pattern resets and I have to type some more characters for the next block to show up, Replit logo character occasionally not showing up, Replit logo character sometimes being the only thing that shows up (anything you type is invisible), cursor randomly disappearing, and other problems. Also once the line cursor looped back on itself appeared to overwrite the current line. Whilst I was trying to salvage the situation, the cursor had the nerve to start overwriting previous lines (probably a visual glitch). Sometimes several of these bugs occur at once. Refreshing the page does not fix it. Also I have tested this with a different repl and it still glitches which means it’s spreading.
Expected behavior:
I know that the Replit console has occasionally had some transitory mystical/cursed moments, but I did not expect the massive extent and sudden uptrend in problems.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a repl and try doing various things in the console.

I have explorer mode off.

Try clearing the cookies and logging back in, did that fix the issue?