website not updating after using the "mv" command or pulling from a git repository

Problem description:
Every time I’ve had to update a file location (either with the “mv” command or by pulling from a git repository) has worked well in the repl editor but has not updated on the website.

Expected behavior:
It should update the file path inside the editor and the site.

Actual behavior:
It only updates on the editor but not the site.

Steps to reproduce:
Check when a change to the file path of any file in the editor occurs and update the file cache on the website when this happens.

Bug appears in:
All repls with hosting, either dynamic or static.



Hi @JoshKeesee! Can you please send a link to your Repl?

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It’s not a problem for my particular repl but it is for every repl in general.


Yep, I was able to reproduce this. If anyone else wants to test, this is what I did:

Make an HTML, CSS, JS Repl and create a folder named anything, then put an image inside. Copy the following code and change the src="image.png" to whatever your image is called, but do not link it to your image directory.

<!DOCTYPE html>


  <img src="image.png" alt="didn't load">


Copy the following Bash command and change [imagename] to whatever your image is called.

mv images/[imagename] ./

This should move the image to the root directory via Shell. However, after running your Repl again, it does not seem to display the image.

Here’s what I noticed, it seems that any other update was being displayed, but not the mv Shell command. After looking around, it seems that the image was still inside of the images folder on

This is a huge problem, its an unneeded cause of confusion, affects automation scripts, and prevents pulling from a Git repo, which is extremely annoying. Hopefully this can get fixed pretty quickly though

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Yep, that just about sums it up! This issue also occurs when you change a file location in the git repository and then pull the change to the repl editor, so Replit team could you please fix that too?


@UMARismyname What if it’s an image file that can’t be edited?

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rename the file in the sidebar, then rename it back


Ok, sounds like a good temporary fix, definitely better than deleting the repl and reopening it or moving the file to another location and then back :joy:

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