seems to be down again


On some repls, doesn’t work.

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Same. It keeps loading for a second then not working again.

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Solution marked to close topic, for some reason it works again now?

It’s intermittent. Some repls are working, some are not. One repl (A) that relies on another repl (B) has this situation: A works, queries B, B does not respond.

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then should i un-mark the solution to keep this open?

Might as well, until we’re sure it’s fixed itself.

Check for more information on the status of Replit.

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How are they not working? I have noticed that my repls are really slow (my chat website randomly stop sending messages) but that might not be related. Currently, some of my repls work and some “unexpectedly closed the connection.”

well idk if is down for me because i use to get into replit

nvm it’s likely due to this:

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