Hello, i wanted to ask if i could put new nameservers on replits, like i want to get from a place, put the nameservers on the repl, and it works.

If you’re trying to give one of your Repls a custom domain you can see here how to do it

dude, i didnt want to say that, using domains

You typically need access to your domain registrar or DNS provider. You would log in to your domain registrar’s website or DNS management console and update the nameserver records associated with your domain. may give you more information on this subject.

I do not believe you can edit any of the necessary records to host a different website on a site, you could have it redirect to a different one, or iframe the site you want instead though.

welp thanks, i do really need a domain.

what about requesting a custom domain name by replit?

Yh, i have investigated everything, and thought hey maybe replit can let me do it.

i dont think replit will give me a domain xd

you can ask them, that is what the feature is for. with the buttons and stuff i think theres a button to request a custom domain name.

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Would you be okay with a subdomain of another site? I have a few domains I could probably give you a sub-domain of a site I have, and I think MiloCat main-site was offering sub-domains of

yh ur right i will try, i actually emailed replit for this feature and didnt even care to reply to me

Yeah, i would love it dude

wont u care i redirect a web proxy on it right?

That’s… A bit iffy, and definitely something replit wouldn’t issue a sub domain for (repl or not).

ur right, i should find a free domain, thats gonna crash everyday, and probabally not stable or permanent

Not sure if you can still get these since Freenom’s out of the picture.

Domains themselves don’t crash, the site running on them does.

Again, that depends on what you do with the domain, but the site itself will be stable (assuming the stuff running it is).