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Question: “On January 1st, 2024, domains will transition to” What code will return a web request to a domain on January 1st? 404?

yes, you won’t be able to access any of your sites with anymore, along with not being able to host for free on Jan 1st.

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Hey @quanruzhuoxiu welcome to the forums!

The staff are rolling it out in batches, first to explorers, and it should reach everybody soon.

After the hosting becomes paid, can I publish a Python script using…autoscale or static deployment
What’s the difference between autoscale and VM reserved

Hey @MoMore1 welcome to the forums!

You wont need to host a Python Repl yet, soon you will (later this month to my knowledge), you will be able to use Autoscale deployments, static is just for plain HTML, CSS, JS Repls without backend. Reserved VM deployments are for bots that need high uptime, and Autoscale just increases or decreases price dependent on what you are trying to host. Reserved VM deployments are the only deployments not included with the Core plan and cost extra no matter the plan (free or otherwise). I hope this helps!

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Either a 404, or a redirection to a Replit website (maybe the Deployments page).

It may also return a page like this one: