Repl closing unexpectedly

Problem description:
(Website) unexpectedly closed the connection. It is happening on all of my html and javascript repls.

Expected behavior:
Page loading

Actual behavior:
It says it unexpectedly closed the connection through web view, even if I go to the actual page, it just still won’t load.

Steps to reproduce:
Not sure. It just happened on all of my repls.

Bug appears at this link: (Everything on my profile)

PC on Google Chrome and Replit Desktop App.


I have the same issue

I also have the same issue and my site won’t load at all…

I’ve already reported that.

It was already reported before you.

This is a newer incident, my repls went down a few mins ago

Repls have been out since that event for me.

I’m not sure but i think it’s FIXED right now

It’s in and out, don’t expect it to last.

My repls are still down. Says “identified”, not “fixed”, or “being fixed”.

what does that mean ? explain please

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They know the problem is there, but are not fixing it yet.

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now it’s working fine for me guys ( i think )

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At least 2 of my repls are still offline.