Repl closing automatically after creation

Problem description:
Sometimes, right after a repl is created, it automatically closes, going back to the homepage.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a repl, and sometimes (I have created ~30 repls and it happened ~3 times) it will close, redirecting you to the homepage right after.

I believe this has only happened too me on my iPad

It resulted in this interesting screenshot:


Once this has happened, if you do not reload the page the repl continues to close automatically when trying to click it to open, briefly flashing a loading repl then going back to homepage.

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likely related to the outage they are currently having


Outage go brrr… (there’s a big old outage :/)

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I didn’t know about that :0
Can I have some context?

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It’s just Replit being Replit and being down for some time.

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