Repl can't bundle after adding Node in Shell

Static REPL:
So, I needed to add NPM to init and stuff, but after going through the confirmation ( [Y/N] ) to add Node to my static REPL, I couldn’t deploy.

I haven’t tried to move Repls because that’s unproductive.

Grecha-Susha - Replit


Browser: Edge
OS: Windows 10
Plan: Core

Then wouldn’t that not be static anymore?

No, it just adds it to the shell, the .Replit handles all that.


Many attempts later


By the way, is a 404

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Lmao yeah,
Is SPA, use hash before slash

I guessed at that, since the main page doesn’t redirect when you click on /foo, though it does for /bar

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Foo is a page hydrated from examples/index.html too! != the foo link on the main page

Oh yeah, I switched the button for testing on the home.
Also, you can view it statically at

Found a bug:

  1. Visit any 404 (ex:
  2. Click “home”
  3. Try the clicker
  4. Counter becomes NaN

(Might need to dump cookies before this will work)


Uh, I think the 404 page is gone:

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Woo, it’s back.


404 (ex: → home → counter

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Can now traverse without location err.


Seems to be working as intended now, thanks for the bug-testing!

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This still happens for me, I’ll screen-record later.

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Try the, I’ve been unable to build.

I did, I haven’t even looked at the deployed one.

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