Repl banning isue

when ever i try to run a fork of chatgpt-4 ui yall ban the rpl and stop it its not in violation of tos and i think its verry stupid that we have to go to fourms to get help yall make more then enugh money to hire real support agents

Hi, what project is this? Could you provide the link to the repl?


im pretty sure he is taking a break from this i may be wrong

@IanAtCSTeach can u help

Please do not ping people that did not particpate in the topic.

nowhere in there does itsay to ping or not ping stop trying to minimod

That is a moderator in an anonymous mode so it is not minimoding


bruh whats anonymous mode plus the rule they posted says nothing about pings

The Repl you’re trying to fork has a blacklisted string in it. To prevent abusive activities such as crypto mining and the use of proxies, we automatically flag a Repl if it has a forbidden string in its code.

We’re currently discussing having a less-restrictive blocklist for paying users, but at the moment there are no plans to remove any flagged words from the blocklist.


Their censorship has problems. You won’t know what rule you’re breaking unless you write the entire program yourself and not use dependencies

I’ll just settup a bot to auto delete and recover the repl then to bypass this