Repel not running

I haven’t had this problem before when I open my website it used to run the games when I clicked on them, now it says run the repel and doesn’t work. The games that I’ve added at the end work but not my original ones. I don’t know if I’ve done something, please help.

Hi @ojdawson2013 , welcome to the forums!
Can you send a link to your repl? I’m referring to the Cover Page, not the URL (

OutlyingBelatedRoot - Replit

Your website works, I just tried it.

Sorry I sent the wrong one

Please could you send the link to the correct one.

Run this Repl to see the results here. (

They’re asking for a Repl link.

I forked your repl, and it works fine for me. Just go to your repl and click the ‘run’ button and it should start the server again and work.

Please confirm if this works.

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Ok. But it used to just start automatically when opened outside of replit why was it and other pages not doing that

If your repl is not a deployment or doesn’t have the ‘always-on’ option, then it may stop after a while.

The always on option is on.

Oh, I get your issue.

When someone opens your website, the Repl should run automatically, but now it doesn’t.

If that’s the issue, I’m having it too.

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Hey all!

For those of you seeing this issue, can you please send me the link to your Repl and let me know if your Repl is Always-On as well?

Hello Shane,

I am having the “Run this Repl to see the results here.” issue after linking to my domain. It has been over 48 hours.

Here is my repl link:

I would appreciate your help.

Also, it is Always On.

Thank you for the information! I took a look at your custom domain,, and I did not receive a “Run this Repl” error (it loaded up fine):

Are you still seeing the issue you reported?

Hello Shane,

Thanks for responding. The problem url is

Apologies for the mistake, we will take a look!

What if you try using both a CNAME and a TXT record instead of the A + TXT you have currently? If you are still having issues after that, could you send me a screenshot of your DNS records so we can ensure that everything is set up correctly?