Renewing the HACKER plan

I have a question regarding the renewal of my yearly replit hacker plan that should be set for tomorrow.
I currently have 4 Always ON + Boosted repls but I saw the hacker plan as changed to only 1 of each for 74$/year.

My question is the following : will 3 of my 4 boosted/always-on repls will lose their status when the contract is renewed ? Or will they all remain boosted and always ON ?


Hey @Poubelle404 welcome to the forums!

If you have cycles in your account they will remain boosted and always on. If not they will be disabled but the repl with still exist

I do not have cycles. So you confirm they’ll be un-boosted and turned off ?

So what’s the point of the hacker plan?

Yeah, I’m not not-ethan but I can confirm they will be turned off.

You get SOME benefits, just not as many as before. If I remember correctly, not many people liked this changed (who does?) but it all comes down to money. You can see the rest of the things you get here:

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I see, thanks for the answer ! Well replit probably lost many customers over this and they can count me among them.
I’m not paying 80$/year for (not even) a fifth of what I got last year, the value is just ridiculous now. The only comparable option is the 15$ one but we’re entering the “buy the hardware for that” price range.

Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me, it made me decide on entirely removing myself from replit and not get “scammed” (strong word, I know but that’s how it feels like)

Replit has problems, like any other product. Nothing is perfect, I guess.

If there’s anything else, please ask. Otherwise, mark the answer as a solution so the topic can close.

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