Renaming files breaking website

I have changed the casing on my files, example “cookies.html” from “Cookies.html”. I also updated “script.js” to say “scripts.js”.

For some reason, Replit is not recognizing these changes.

Is there a waiting period for Replit to recogniz the chanages? Do html and js files have to have specific naming in order for them to work?

Repl link:

code snippet

Did you make these changes VIA Shell or the UI? If it’s the Shell, then this is a known bug. Otherwise, re-running the Repl should cause it to update.

Beyond this, it’d be helpful if you shared a Repl link, so we could better help with your issue.

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I made the changes on my local device, pushed to git, then pulled. I did have to use command line for git to recognize the html file name changes, since they were case sensitive and it was the only way to have it recognize the change.

Is there a way to share the project without allowing editor access?

Nevermind, here is the link

That’s why, Replit doesn’t recognize changes made VIA command line as edits. Try renaming the files back to their old names, and then to the new ones again in your Repl using the UI. (Without using git here)