Renaming a Project after it has been assigned Causes 500 error

Problem description:
I assigned a project named “#602” to a team of students. Students started the project for themselves. Later I decided to change the project name to something more descriptive “#602 - JavaScript Calculations” using the Edit Project dialog. The name was changed.

Expected behavior:
I expect to be able to access the project and all student status even if I decide to rename the project later.

Actual behavior:
A 500 error displays if I try to view submissions after changing the name of the project.

Steps to reproduce:
Create a project with name1.
Assign the project to students.
Students work on project. Some students submit assignment.
View student submissions. All is OK.
Rename the project to name2.
View student submissions. See 500 error in Replit.

Bug appears at this link:


This may be a problem with our redirects. If you revert the change back to the original name, does it fix the error?

Yes, reverting the name makes the error go away.

Hi Jesse, facing the same problem. Is there a way to make it work without changing the name back.

Hello, sorry for the delay, at the moment, renaming is the only solution.