Rename+create new file with old name -> duplicate file

Problem description:
If I rename a file and create a new file with the old name of the one I just renamed, I actually get a file filled with the code of the renamed file

Expected behavior:
The newly created file is empty

Actual behavior:
The newly created file has the same content of the file that had that name before

Steps to reproduce:
Just try (I noticed at least in python)

Bug appears at this link:
Every python real I have

This happens both on Win11/Edge and macOS/Safari

I think this is intended behavior. When you create a new file with the same name as an old one the old code shows up. If you didn’t want a duplicate file just create a new file with the new name. Then cut and paste the code.



You must be joking? They intended to work like this?
To be honest this is quite annoying as during development modules change name (and REPL should be able to track this change like any other IDE also) and the same name is reused not with the idea of duplicate.
Maybe I should truly try SSH to ditch the RPL IDE

Well I meant more like an unintended feature, y’know? Like when you get a bug in your code and just decide to make it a feature (well I think you write code better than that lol)?

It’s like a side effect of being able to restore your code if you accidentally deleted a file or a file has unexplainably gone missing.

You are a lot smarter than me. You probably know a very simple fix for this issue, lol. Because I don’t see a super easy and obvious way to fix it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not really. I am marking your post as solution and accept it as a fact of life :sob: :sob: :sob:

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