Removing interpret dropdown in console

How do I remove the interpret dropdown in the console? Before it was just showing the version of python and I’m not sure what I did to change it.


Hi @owendonk , welcome to the forums!
Replit probably pushed an update to alll users for the Console, which was previously available to Explorers.
Hope this helps!

how am i suppose to get the previous version as i am not fine with this one


How do I remove it?? it’s soo annoying and I can’t find a setting to turn it off

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Hello, this answer does not help. How do I turn it off?

Hi @piptarou @ddeloxgiovanni !
You can’t do anything about it, it’s an update that was just pushed to everyone.
If you have Explorer, you can try turning that off at, it probably won’t work, but it’s worth a try.


it isn’t enjoyable and can’t removed it’s a stupid think

I am new to programming and just starting Day 1. So, the final answer is I cannot remove these Interpret histories? Is this supposed to be useful (if it cannot be removed)?

You can click the trash can icon at the top of the console tab to clear the history.