Remove/transfer bounty Repls on completion

So, once you’ve completed a bounty, your work becomes the property of the poster of the bounty. I think it would make sense, then, if the submitted Repl were removed from your profile and added to the bounty poster’s profile. To be clear, this should be a change that only affects new bounties and this should be announced somewhere public, because there are bounties where completion does not necessarily involve an actual Repl. In fact, this would also require the ability to submit a bounty without submitting a Repl.

I find, once I’ve completed a bounty, I’m left with a random private Repl on my profile taking up space which I find I often want to remove, but then I don’t know if the bounty poster has taken whatever they need from the Repl. This feature would remove this issue and also be beneficial, especially with the introduction of limited egress.