Remove the always-visible generate code popup button altogether

Describe your feature request
we should leave the “generate code” button in the right menu, where it has always been. Now it is always visible wherever the mouse is, this is very annoying.

it also covers up code.
Screenshot 2023-09-19 2.59.33 PM

What problem(s) would this feature solve?
User annoyance.

Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
use replit. This is always visible everywhere. You can’t be trying to do anything without encountering this.

Hi @DigitalKandra !
Maybe you code do this (assuming you are using Python):
a) Disable Code Intelligence. Not recommended, as no auto-cimplwte features are available.
b) Manually remove the pyright-extended bit from poetry.lock. Not recommended, as it could error your program.

@NateDhaliwal what are you even talking about? How is that code intelligence? How is this pyright?

Sorry if that came off as kinda rude but no, OP’s code did not “do this”. It’s a Replit update.

@NateDhaliwal is that actually you?

Just sayin’, this doesnt really sound like you at all.