Remove minimum post length for messages

In messages, most rules do not apply, including the one about bypassing character limits. So why not just remove the character limit all together? I have done it on my forum, you just need to change one setting.


Well, that’s a good idea but I can think of something:

You won’t be sending meaningful messages with something that’s less than 10 letters. 10 isn’t a lot and usually, a word or two is enough to fulfill that.


I think removing it in PMs at a certain TL would be better.

Im 50/50 on this. Where this can help messages but it could also allow people to spam more

That already happens.

This is not possible

It is currently set to 10

I would be fine lowering that down to 7


It would probably require a custom plugin or something. Not worth the time investment for Ask.

I don’t think that’s possible with Discourse.

It would help a bit more I guess.

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There are still ways to do short posts

I know…? :woman_facepalming:
The point was to reduce the need of bypassing

I think the other option if it’s not possible to remove the limit, is to add more emoji reactions because a lot of the short replies could be summed up by one of those.

No one said it wasn’t possible to remove the limit.

Ethan and I said it’s not possible to remove the limit for specific TLs