Remove file extentions

Hello! I would like to remove file extensions, so for example instead of users going to

[project].[name] blahblah.html, they just go to
[project].[name] blahblah .

Is that possible? Thank you!

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Put the file in a folder, and name it index.html. If you redirect, the URL will look like this [project].[un]

Other than that, you really can’t remove it. The method I previously mentioned is messy if you have a lot of files. Actually, it’s messy in general.

There is also a feature request by hugoondev that if it was accepted, it would allow .HTACCESS file access which would allow you to remove the .html part of the URL (assuming you’re not using a HTML/CSS/JS repl AFAIK). Make .htaccess file visible and editable for the Replit users

I wish that was accepted.


Alternatively you could also create a server which serves the HTML, in which case URLs are pretty much entirely customisable.

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Replit doesn’t use Apache, so that wouldn’t work.

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It was a feature request, so I guess using Apache would be implied :man_shrugging:

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If people want Apache, why don’t they just set it up theirself on a repl?


Wait, that’s possible?

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